Saturday, March 22, 2014

Since I started using Norwex products, I no longer have to buy all of these cleaning supplies. For most cleanings, I use one of several Norwex cleaning clothes and warm water. That's it. No more cleansers, sprays, additives, bleaches, scrubbers, etc.  And, Norwex is ideal for my quilting addiction. The ease of cleaning with Norwex products means that I have much more time for sewing and the dollar savings go towards more fabric - but don't tell my wonderful, adorable, handsome husband. Plus, I love the fact that Norwex is 100% environmentally friendly!
After about 5 months, I am estimating that I am saving over $50 a month by not having to buy cleaning supplies and dryer sheets! More money for fabric!!!!!!
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  1. I love Norwex!! Mostly use a Norwex cloth and warm water for most cleaning! No more chemicals!